Vendor's Agreement

(a) In this Agreement, “Organiser” refers to THE DUKE'S BAZAARS PTE LTD (Business Registration Number: 201416160E)
(b) In this Agreement, “Vendor” refers to the person whose name and signature appears herein.


The Vendor must be at least 18 years old (passed birthday) to book a booth.
The Vendor who has successfully booked a booth must be present to operate the booth at the bazaar.
Assignment of allocated booth to others is strictly prohibited.
Booking is open to all local citizens/ PR holders only.
Upon request, the Vendor is required to produce the receipt and NRIC for verification purpose. Failure to do so may put the Vendor at risk of being evicted from the bazaar.


Each booth comprises of a standard 2ft x 4ft table and a plastic chair by default.
The add-on table or clothes-rack (<5ft length) must be joined perpendicularly (L) to the default table with frontage not exceeding 6ft long.  

Extension of table by any means (eg using own table/ chair/ boxes/ luggage/ stands/ etc) is strictly prohibited.
Plucking nearby booth’s chairs OR shifting own booth’s position without the Organizer’ permission is strictly prohibited.

Permitted Booth Setup:   (regardless using own/ rented rack)
(a) 2 tables, no rack      (b) 1 table, 1 rack       (c) 2 racks, no table

NO rack and NO extra table allowed at booths C28, C29, C30
NO rack but extra table allowed at booths C3, C4, C26, C32, C33, C34, C36, C55, C58, C95, C96

All vendors have to use *SCAPE Bazaar's table-cloth for their rented booth using tables.  The Vendor shall pay a fee of $30 (Security Deposit) and $1 (Laundry-Fee) per table cloth for each rented table to the Organizer. The Security Deposit is refundable upon the return of the table cloth in proper and undamaged condition. Laundry-Fee is charged at $1 per day.   
[ie: Sign-In put Deposit $30, Sign-Out on same day will get $29 refund back]
If the table-cloth is found to be damaged/ dirty/ stained, the Security-Deposit $30 will be forfeited. This table-cloth is strictly restricted to use at *SCAPE Bazaar only, Not Permitted for use elsewhere.

ALL vendors have to clear away any unwanted item or trash at their booth area before they clear out at the end of the bazaar.

Only selling-products declared at time of booking (submission) is allowed for sale at the bazaar.

Sale of the following items is strictly prohibited:

(i) Unwanted, second-hand, pre-owned apparels, clothing, accessories, bags and footwear.  Vendors caught with messy cheap selling (of crumpled /used items) on the table/ floor, in boxes/ case is at risk of being evicted from the bazaar.

(ii) Any kind of food and beverage

(iii) Unlicensed, flammable, banned products or items  which may violate the use of trademarks or copyrights

(iv) Conflicting products similar to those sold by existing *SCAPE Mall shop tenants (especially any mobile phone accessories/ covers/ dust-caps/ lens/ chargers/ speakers/ cables OR instax/ polaride films OR caps, etc)

(v) All Cosmetic/ Skincare/ Nail/ Eye/ Perfume/ Bathe/ Perfume/ Hair products that come in contact with our skin are subjected to HSA's Regulation approval.  **Pls provide your HSA's Product Notification Letter of Acknowledgement of your selling-items for our verification BEFORE booking booth with us.

(vi) Your products must not infringe any Copyright Act, be it design/ logo/ brands of any major Trademark & Licensed products.  **Pls provide proof (official receipts) that you've acquire them from suppliers selling the official licensed merchandise.

The Management of *SCAPE and the Organiser shall not be held responsible for any dispute or liability arising from the sale of products by the Vendor.

The Organiser is only involved in the rental of booths within *SCAPE premises as designated. The products are deemed to belong to the Vendor and the Vendor shall assume all responsibility with regards to the quality and authenticity of the products for sale.

All products for sale are to be displayed neatly on the assigned table(s) or racks.
No product shall be placed/ displayed on the floor/ chairs at all times.
No product or publication materials, banners is allowed on any part of *SCAPE's building, other than the assigned booth/rack.


1. The Vendor shall indemnify the Organizer for costs, expenses and claims which the Organizer may incur arising out of or in connection with the sale of the Vendor's products or negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the Vendor or its representatives, agents or employees;

2. In the event any legal action or proceeding taken against the Organiser arising from D1, the Vendor hereby authorizes the Organiser to release information pertaining to the Vendor as deemed necessary to such parties taking legal action.


1. Changing/ cancelling of booking AFTER making payment is subject to availability and approval of the Organizer.  Need to (email) notify us 7-days BEFORE the affected booking-date for your Change-Requests.  Pls note that an Admin-Fee will be imposed for EACH request for changes (date/ booth#/ cancel) [$15 or 25% of booking-amount, whichever is higher]

2. There is No Refund for no-show or last-minute cancellation of booking.


1. *SCAPE Bazaar is a rain or shine event and no refund of booking will be given due to elements of weather.

2. The Vendor is advised to bring along own plastic sheets or canvas to protect his/her products in event of wet weather.  There's no power-supply available.

3. The Vendor is not allowed to shift the assigned table(s) at all times and shall not block the walkway in any way.

4. The Vendor shall observe the operating hours of the bazaar as determined by the Organizer.  Vendors can setup 
30min before the starting time, when the booths layout are done.  Vendors have to return our table-cloths and vacate the booth by 10:30pm latest.
   Current Operating Hours:
   THUR / FRI / Public Holidays: 12pm to 10.30pm
   SAT / SUN: 12pm to 10pm

5.  The Organizer reserved the rights to cancel THUR's bookings if the take up rate is below 10 booths.

6. The Organizer reserves all rights to ban the vendor from booking in future in the event of any dispute.

* All rights reserved

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