Online BOOTH Bookings - HOW?

All vendors pls ensure you've read through & can comply to the T&C stated here and in our Vendor's Agreement BEFORE submitting your booking to us online.
We do not read email on FRI, SAT and SUN because we're operating at *SCAPE. 

We will reply you within Tue to Thur.

ONLINE-BOOKING - Instructions:
1) Select the Online Booking for Booth link (at top-page, left column)
2) Read thru & pick CORRECTLY from the available booths and dates listed on top of the Online-Booking-Form.
3) Fill up ALL the details properly in the required slots.
4) Click "Submit" button.  We'll email you the booking details within next 48hr.
5) All vendors have to (email) provide payment details by the given payment deadline to secure their booking, or risk having them Cancelled.
6) All vendors have to register at the Organizer's Booth BEFORE they can setup on the assigned date.
7)  Each weekend's booking is is CLOSED on every THUR at 9pm.

** Any Cosmetic / Skincare/ Nail/ Eye/ Perfume/ Bathe/ Hair products that come in contact with our skin is subjected to HSA's Regulation approval.  Pls provide your HSA’s Product Notification Acknowledgement Letter for verification BEFORE booth booking.

** Your products must not infringe any Copyright Act, be it design/ logo/ brand, of any major Trademark & Licensed products. Pls provide proof (official receipts) that you've acquire them from suppliers selling the official licensed merchandise.

- *SCAPE Bazaar table cloth is required for all (booth) tables rented.  There's a $30 deposit  and Laundry-Fee of $1 per day imposed for each table     [ie: Sign-In put Deposit $30,   Sign-Out on same day will get $29 refund back]

- Need to (email) notify us at least 7-days BEFORE the affected-date for your Change-Request(s). 
Admin-Fee is imposed for each Change/ Cancellation request AFTER payment is made:  $15 or 25% of booking-amount (whichever is higher).   No refund is given when vendor notify us last minute.
- Messy cheap selling (of crumpled Unwanted, Pre-owned or Used clothing/ items) on the table/ chair/ floor, in boxes/ luggage is Not Permitted.
- Loud hollering to attract customers' to your booth is strongly discouraged so as not to disturb neighboring vendor's business.
- Any kind of mobile-phone accessories/ dust-caps/ casings/ screen-protectors/ chargers/ lens/ cables; fake/ counterfeit AND unwanted, second-hand/ pre-owned items are NOT permitted.

- Vendors are encouraged to equip themselves with own plastic sheets to counter bad weather
- There's no power-supply for ALL outdoor booths. 

The Organizer reserved the rights to cancel THUR's bookings if the take up rate is below 10 booths.  At least 3 working days advance notice shall be given to affected vendors for this case. The Organizer reserved the rights to re-adjust the booths location when deemed necessary. 

Bazaar Operating Hours:
1) Thursday /Fridays /Public Holidays : 12pm - 10:30pm
2) Saturdays / Sundays : 12pm – 10pm

Vendors can setup 30min before the starting time, when the booths layouts are done.
Vendors have to vacate their booth and return (sign-out) our table-cloths latest by 10pm

** Booked booth will be forfeited if vendor fail to setup by 3pm on SAT/SUN.
Bazaar Closing Time is extended till 10:45pm during Festive Season.

#Promo THUR Rates: C1 to C49 -Less $10   and   C81 to C91 -Less $5

Each booth comes with 1 table & 1 chair by default.  Each booth only allow max 3 chairs.
Optional add-on items' rental: 
 1 rack $9 / 1 chair $2 / 1 table $10  (refer to Permitted Setup below)

C28, C29, C30 > NO rack and NO extra table allowed.
C3, C4, C26, C32, C33, C34, C36, C55, C58, C95, C96 > NO rack but extra table allowed 

**Side by side tiered rack OR floor-standing poster/ banner/ mannequin is NOT Permitted.

@ Gazebo Booths: C59 to C69 / C72 to C91 (Gazebos Not Available on THUR)
CANNOT use gazebo for booths C1 -C55, C58, C92 -C108, C111 to C120, C121

Each Gazebo comes with 3 side-flabs.   Vendors are reminded to DRY the side-flabs BEFORE folding them back properly and return to us. 

Booth Pricing:    Check against the  booth's layout map  for their position.
The listed pricing already INCLUDE the gazebo charges at the designated booths

PH / 
A1 - A7 /
C97 -C108

C1 – C16
C17 C22 /
C111 –C120

C23 – C34
C36 –C49 /
@ C59 –C69 /
@ C72 –C91
C58 / C121 /
C92 to C96

C50 to C55

Permitted Setup for each booth: (regardless using own/ rented rack)
Each booths comes with 1 Table and 1 Chair by default.   Each booth only allow max 3 chairs.

a) Using 1 table + 1 rack
b) Using 2 Racks
by 1st-come-1st-serve-basis
**Side by side tiered rack OR floor standing 
mannequin is NOT Permitted
c) Using 2 Tables

Gazebo-Rental (external event):
$35 each per day include setup and dismantle and airing of wet canopy.
*SCAPE Bazaar Vendors are given a $10 discount.

GAZEBO – Outside View
GAZEBO – Inside View
Each Gazebo's Dimension:  Length = Breadth = 2m,   Full-Height = 2.5m
Each Gazebo comes with 3 side-flabs.   Vendors are advised to DRY the side-flabs BEFORE folding them back properly and return to us.   Vendors have to be self-equipped with own plastic-sheets, lighting/ fan device.   

There's NO Power supply available.
ALL Vendors have to keep their own items' display/ rack/ table within (inside) their gazebo boundary.   Hanging of products on the gazebo is strictly Not Allowed.

For further queries, pls email to


Ballot (Priority) Booking

*SCAPE Bazaar Priority Booking is available for booking once a month on the 1st SAT of every month at 9.45am at *SCAPE atrium for the following month's booths.

Here is the schedule for priority-booking for *SCAPE-Bazaar :
3-JAN-15 for FEB-2015
7-FEB-15 for MAR-2015
7-MAR-15 for APR-2015
4-APR-15  for MAY-2015
2-MAY-15  for JUN-2015
6-JUN-15  for JULY-2015

All remaining booths will be made available for Online-Booking 1 week later.
For booking booth LESS THAN 5 days each month, you may like to submit your booking online instead.

The balloting station will open at 9.45am.
Balloting and allocation of tables will start at 10am and end around 12pm.
To improve on time-efficiency, the exercise will be staggered into 4 different timings.
Pls fill up the needed details on the Ballot-form (both sides) and put into 1 of the 4 ballot boxes before it starts.
Late comers are welcome to join in the balloting exercise by dropping the ballot forms into Box 4.
We will NOT accept any further Ballot Booking requests after the session is CLOSED.

FOUR Balloting Boxes:
BOX 1 - START AT 10am
for vendors who are booking the
same booth on every
(all 4 days) of the whole month

BOX 2 - START AT 10:15am
for vendors who are booking the
same booth on any 3 days 
of every weekend (whole month)
[ THUR / FRI plus SAT and SUN ]

BOX 3 - START AT 10.30am
for vendors who are booking the 
same booth on any 2 days of 
every weekend (whole month)
[ THUR / FRI / SAT and SUN ]
BOX 4 - START AT 10:45am
for vendors who are booking booths
on any dates of the month
**No changes is allowed after the ballot-form is put into the ballot-boxes.

SEE link About Ballot Booking for more details & instructions for Ballot-Booking.

*SCAPE Bazaar

*SCAPE has been well known for its constant bazaars and flea markets held within its premises.
From selling fashion accessories, interesting knick knacks to promoting hand made collectibles, anyone can rent a table space at *SCAPE. Be part of this lively event today! 

*SCAPE Bazaar is brought to you by The Duke's Bazaars.

*SCAPE Bazaar is held every THUR, FRI, SAT and SUN at the *SCAPE Mall, located
right next to Cathay Cineleisure and Meritus Mandarin Hotel along Orchard Link.
Address: 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978